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Trading Online Voucher

What the trading online voucher scheme can do for your business. Basically if your a business in Ireland that trades online, takes booking, has a membership business or even just want a payments system on your website this voucher can help. The voucher also helps for a lot of things online not just website design or redesign. You can use it for implementing an online strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO), purchase of online advertising (cannot make up more than 30% of approved voucher), website design / redesign, and ecommerce website.

The most you can apply for is €2,500 exclusive of vat. So if you spend €5,000 you can get €2,500 from the local enterprise. You must be approved by the local enterprise and go to one of the trading online voucher scheme seminars. We can see do you qualify by applying through this form Apply Here. S must be in business more than one year. Have less than 10 employees and less than 2 million turn over in a year.

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Why The Trading Online Voucher

This trading online voucher scheme can super boost your business. This can help increase business by 20 to 30% in one year. Implementing a correct strategy and seeing how you can increase business by testing online. Growing your customer base with email marketing, social media (example Facebook) and Google. We can increase customers coming into your store. They can search your website find a product they want and come into your store to buy it. They can also buy this product online and you can ship it to their address. Don’t be left behind by your competitors. Have you ever wondered why they are busy all the time? Let me tell you why! They have studied their competition and other businesses related to theirs online. They implement what they are doing and do it better.

Now they went and done something about it. They went and got a professional website. First impressions last and help sales. Develop relevant content related to what the user is looking for. Now the website has to be super fast so customers don’t leave due to impatience. Your website has to be optimised for keywords related to what users look for in the search engines like Google. Example dentists in Dublin or Dublin dentists. Now with this grant you can get help towards all this. If you invest in your online strategy you will increase sales and leads for your business. If you want more information regarding this trading online voucher. Contact our expert team today and we will see if you qualify.

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