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SEO Introduction

SEO in a nutshell so I’ll make it easy for you to understand. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Every business wants to be found for their products and services on search engines like Google. When someone types a keyword related to your business. For example kitchen companies in Dublin. A list of companies will come up and the first page is where you want to be. This is where most people look the first page. The stats are around 92% of people search the first page of Google. Even so the first four on the list are the most popular. So everyone wants to be on the first page. This can be difficult because you are competing against your competitors. There are many factors to get on the first page of any search engine. Keywords people search for and you want to target them on your website. You will have to make sure people are actually searching for these keywords. If people aren’t searching for them, what’s the point in ranking for them. If you target the keywords with lots of traffic, and get your website ranking on the first page. Your website will definitely have lots of traffic. Traffic meaning lots of potential customers finding your website.

seo main photo via seo services
seo photo via seo services

What is SEO

Let’s have a real in depth look at SEO. Google now processes 40,000 searches per second on their search engine. That makes up to 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion per year. That’s just crazy! Google will look at your website and check it for different factors they look for. There are a load of key factors they look for. One is relevant content relating to keywords you are targeting. They also look at your website links. They will see if other high authority sites have your link on them. If your link is on some good websites linking back to yours. This will inform Google’s crawl bots that you are popular. How your website looks on mobile will be another key area. Your website has to be ready for mobile devices like phones and tablets. A really fast website will increase your search engine results too. Keeping people on your website for long periods of time will help too. Google sees this as you having good content related for what the user is looking for. Google changes there algorithms constantly so you have to keep up with the trends. 

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The SEO Process

Let’s look at the SEO process and how we target keywords. We will use a dentist in Dublin as an example. The dentist wants his website on the first page of Google for all his services. He wants to come up on local searches of a 15km radius. We look at all his services and see which searches are most popular. Then we take a look at his competitors who are coming up on the first page for these high ranking keywords. We look at their competitors backlinks. With all this data we can mirror what they are doing and do it better. For example dentists in Dublin there are 1600 searches per month in Ireland on Google. We would target this keyword for our dentist because it has plenty of searches. If it had 20 searches we wouldn’t target this because there is barely any traffic. It would be a waste of time. Getting a website ranking high on search engines can take time. Especially new websites. It can take up to a year for high competition keywords. Once you have your website on the first page you have to keep working on it. Adding new content and being up to date with Google’s algorithms. The more people searching and finding your website for relevant content your user is looking for. Google will see you are offering good content and rank you higher.

Why Choose Us For SEO?

This is the question that everyone asks! Our ability to get your business onto the first page of Google is why. We make sure to put a real strategy in play. We research all your keywords and suggest what you should be going for. Our team looks at your competition and looks at what they are doing. If your website is professionally set up and put in front of the right people. These people searching for your products or services will easily find your website if set up correctly. SEO has the power to change your business. You can grow by 30% online in one year if you have the right traffic. We love the growth system and seeing a client moving up the rankings. There is nothing more pleasurable as a marketer to see my clients get business. If you want to grow your business. What are you waiting for! Contact our sales team today for a free quote. 

Would you like a FREE quote from our expert team?

Our team of talent designers would like to find out what you want from a website. We will put you in the right direction and find out how we can make your website profitable.